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The Digital Consultation & Communication with KEVIN.MURPHY STYLE.MASTER Sarah Lund

Over the last year, digital communication has rapidly change how we communicate within our industry. From brands, distributors, salons & stylists, we all speak to clients a little differently & make more connections with them outside the salon. I sat down with Sarah Lund, STYLE.MASTER for KEVIN.MURPHY, to talk about just two ways she is now communicating with clients: the digital consultation & through social media.

Sarah primarily works with bridal, editorial, or photoshoot looks, but the purpose of a digital consultation remains the same in the usual salon setting: “A digital consultation uses these tools ahead of the appointment to establish method, time, price, all ahead of the appointment instead of using precious salon time. This works to get everyone on the same page before we even start.”

For conducting a digital consultation Sarah recommends meeting (at least virtually) your clients where they are, “I typically lean on the client to communicate with them in their preferred way but most of the time I like to set up a Google Meet or a Facetime so we can have that “face to face” conversation.”

Besides the digital consultation, Sarah also recommends being active on social media to connect with your clients between visits. And the most important thing she stresses about this type of communication? She says, “SHOW UP! Be consistent with your posting and your message. Stay in your clients’ sight on social media. Think about it this way, did only 30 people view your video? What would you do if 30 people walked into the salon at once? It would be incredibly overwhelming!!  What I am trying to say is to stick with it and continue to SHOW UP!”

If you’re new to the social media game, it’s important to remember, you’re not the first person to embark on this journey. So many other business owners have been in your shoes before, and they’re usually handing out some free advice on the things that worked for them. Sarah recommends finding social media coaches on Instagram to help you along the way. Her recommendations:





Plus, KEVIN.MURPHY offers classes like INSTA.WORTHY to help you get the most out of your social media accounts and grow your business. (And Salon Service Group has an upcoming INSTA.WORTHY class in September! Get your tickets now!)

For more of Sarah’s advice about digital consultations & more social media advice, be sure to watch the full interview!

Beauty + Wellness Coach Sandy Thinnes-By Jaimie Young

Beauty + Wellness Coach & Creator of They Beauty Flow Method


Wellness Workshop Series

The last year has certainly taken a toll on all of us. Within the beauty industry, we’ve been shut down & faced constant change to continue in the midst of a pandemic. Focusing on taking care of ourselves has probably been on the backburner, if it’s been on the stove at all. That’s why Salon Service Group has partnered with Beauty & Wellness Coach Sandy Thinnes. Thanks to Gino’s sponsorship, all SSG employees & stylists can join in wellness sessions to help take better care of ourselves. I talked with Sandy about the sessions & what makes them so important right now.

A life-long Chicagoan, Sandy has been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years. She’s worked on celebrities Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, & more; plus, she’s been makeup support for designers at New York Fashion Week. On making the transition from makeup artist to Beauty & Wellness Coach she says, “I grew up in beauty. It’s been something that I loved. Once I got to 35, I really had a lot of experience to understand that your beauty is a byproduct of your physical, emotional, & spiritual health.”

After a health crisis, it made her take inventory & do research about the connection between beauty & your health. The research that I did told her that beauty “doesn’t start & stop with makeup or skincare or how you do your hair. It’s from what’s going on in the inside. It proved over & over again that beauty is an inside job & I had to tell people about it…. Being a beauty & wellness coach is my mission. It’s why I do what I do.”

Sandy offers two kinds of coaching: group coaching, like the sessions she’s doing in partnership with Salon Service Group, or one-on-one individual coaching. The group sessions focus on building awareness about your life priorities, how your thoughts can be damaging, or how food choices can make you feel better. The one-on-one sessions are focused on transformation. Sandy says, “I present a coach’s magic formula: you get the education (like you’re getting now with the SSG sessions, and then someone has to ensure that you’re doing the practice, and someone has to hold you accountable to that practice. Unless you have practice & accountability, the transformation can be hard.”

The transformation part, while hard on your own, is also Sandy’s favorite part of helping people become their best selves. She says, “It is seeing other people become the person they’ve always dreamt of…. they just unleash on the world & something positive happens.”

Sandy’s Salon Service Group Wellness Workshop sessions are on Zoom every Monday at 1pm now through May 24th.

By – Jaimie Young

K18: For all Hair Types- By Jaimie Young

Hair damage is a universal problem. Enter K18 Hair, the revolutionary new product that can help permanently heal hair damage in just 4 minutes. We found out more about how this product works from Jordan Alexander, K18’s Director of Global Sales & Education.

The Science Behind K18

Jordan told us that K18 Hair is “the beginning of an entirely new category: biomimetic hair science. What biomimetic means is that we are mimicking what happens in nature.” If you think of hair like a ladder, bond builders work to repair the center rung of the ladder. K18 takes this a step further and also repairs the keratin chains that would make up the side of the ladder. He also told us, “It’s really about addressing an issue in the hair that hasn’t been addressed before.”

Combining K18 with Other Services

Hair damage doesn’t just come from coloring services, but other chemical services, heat styling, even everyday pollution, also cause damage. That’s why the ideal client for K18 Hair is really anyone. Jordan told us, “This is a product that you can incorporate into every single salon service, be it chemical or someone just coming in for a haircut & blow dry. It’s not a product just for blondes.”

Send K18 Home with Your Clients

The K18 experience may start in the salon, but it should also go home with your clients. In fact, the Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask that is used in the salon is the same as the retail product. Jordan explains that the same strength will give your clients the best results, “You’re going to see great results after 1 application. However, you’ll generally see the best results after the third or fourth application, meaning it’s a progressive treatment.”

K18 Hair appeals to customers conscious about the environment. Jordan told us, “1. It’s vegan. 2. It’s never tested on animals. We also do not sell in any countries that require animal testing ever. We are also in the process now to changing over to completely recycled packaging.”

With all of its benefits to the hair, with the added plus of being vegan and cruelty-free, it’s no wonder the response to K18 Hair has been overwhelming on social media. K18 Hair won ELLE’s Future of Beauty Winner for 2020, and it’s been used by celebrities, stylists, and beauty-lovers alike. Jordan told us that the best part of the social media buzz is “At the end of the day, it’s a product that actually performs and a lot of our growth is due to that! It’s exciting to see people around the world loving it.”

Watch the full interview to hear more about this new product and what to expect for education coming soon!

Alfaparf Milano’s Virtual Photoshoot – By Jaimie Young

Social distancing is at the root of a lot of challenges facing the hair industry. Alfaparf Milano’s creative team didn’t let that stop them from doing a virtual photoshoot to celebrate the relaunch of their Demi Permanent Vegan line, Color Wear. SSG talked with Cassie Siskovic, National Artistic Director for Alfaparf Milano, Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers, Alfaparf Master Colorist, Curl + Texture Expert, Mei-Ling Alvarez, Director of Social Media, Content + Advocacy, & Amelia Joyce Tubb, Creative Director + Photographer, to find out how they got the job done!

Choosing Models

Alfaparf Milano’s Virtual Photoshoot
Embracing diversity is something that is important to the team, “2020 has shaped us in many ways, & as a brand we are committed to be part of the movement to bring awareness & inclusivity to our industry”, commented Mei-Ling. Jeannetta told us about Alfaparf, “We are a global brand, that represent a lot of different ethnicities, nationalities, & backgrounds.” Cassie added, “It was really important to us as a team, that we had models that represented all of our stylists, all of our artists, all of our customers.”

Making It Work!

Next, they had to figure out another way to assess the #hairhealth. Because of social distancing, Cassie and Jeannetta said they relied on extensive consultations. They were also on hand virtually to help the models color their hair at home. This built a foundation of trust & care between the entire team that they would need to complete the project.

The team “scouted” the locations virtually prior to the shoot. Amelia bounced between Zoom with the Alfaparf team & Facetime with the models. She said, “This took a certain amount of letting go & let things happen.”

Everyone agreed that collaboration & a positive attitude were key for the success of the shoot. Jeannetta explained, “This was something that we’d never done. You have to come into these things, like uncharted territory, with a positive attitude, & I’m just so happy that the models we worked with had that type of attitude.” Despite the challenges, the Alfaparf Group didn’t let a little distance stop them from creating something beautiful, for you.

See the full interview with the Alfaparf Milano Creative Team!

Why You Need SSG Direct for Your Salon – By Jaimie Young

Salon Service Group’s brand-new service was born at the height of the pandemic. What started as a program for stylists to earn revenue during the shutdown, is now SSG Direct. This turnkey, customizable platform is the next step in salon retail revenue. We sat down with Robyn Coulter, Sales Director, and Avery Stanley, Salon Consultant, to find out more about this service.

What is SSG Direct?

SSG Direct is an easy, online service to sell your salon’s retail. You sign up and tell us which Salon Service Group brands to include, and we do the heavy lifting. Robyn explains it best: “We do everything: from website design, inventory management, direct shipping, and marketing support is all bundled into this new service offering!” You can kick back, and your personalized website brings in revenue for you!

Avery pointed out SSG Direct’s multiple perks, “Salons can offer multiple brands from SSG. But it’s not taking away from their in-salon portfolio; it’s in addition to. It’s creating a convenient opportunity for salon guests to give them an option to buy outside of the salon.” She also mentioned that guests may not have it in their beauty budget to purchase take home products at the time of service. SSG Direct gives guests a way to purchase at home, on their own time.

How SSG Direct Benefits Stylists and Salon Owners

Prior to launch, we tested SSG Direct with a group of salons. One of our pilot salons, Novak Salon in Fort Worth, Texas told us how this service helped them, “Before when I having to manually ship product orders it cost me countless time, hours, and definitely money. It has been so easy and seamless that even for the busiest salon owners this would be an incredible solution to make more money from the sales you have been losing from ecommerce.”

Promoting Your Online Store

After your online store is live, we have free marketing pieces to help promote it at You can choose from 4 different promotional looks (one seen above), so you can have consistency across in-salon signage and social media posts. We’ve also included a marketing launch plan for salons who enroll. Robyn gave us more details, “It’s going to walk them through when to send out the first email introducing the program to their customers, to when they should post on social media. It’s literally going to walk them through a beautiful launch of this new service.”

If you’re interested in SSG Direct, talk to your Salon Consultant or go to to find out more and sign up today!